Our Team

It’s All about the People

Work began on Funivia al Bernina 60 years ago, and virtually every Valmalenco family has contributed at some point to the success of the “big” little ski resort by working on the slopes and lifts, helping generations of visitors have unforgettable experiences.

Livio Lenatti

The last in a long line of mountain guides, Livio was born in the mountains and grew up on bread and snow. He learned to groom the slopes from a tender age, eventually becoming the director of resort that everyone would love to run. Like most mountain men, Livio is a man of few words and prefers action to talking. His kindness is second only to his ability.
Livio is always first up the mountain in the morning and last off in the evening, after a final smooth over of the slopes.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.

The Director

Matteo Bergomi

Following in the footsteps of his father Fernando, a recipient of the Star of Merit of Labour, Matteo is so passionate about his job that he has been nicknamed “Mister Funivia”. Matteo has worked on the aerial cable car and Baby Bernina funicular for so long that he finds himself dreaming about them at night.

I love seeing the eyes of the people who come up widen with wonder at the beauty of our mountains.

Mister Funivia

Lady Ticket

Aldo Lenatti

No one knows how Aldo got his nickname. Maybe they call him “Il Tecnico” because, just like his father, mother and sister before him, he is always ready to lend a hand with a smile and never a word of complaint.

Making people happy makes any job worthwhile, no matter how tiring.

The Technician

Andrea Lenatti

Andrea, a.k.a. “Il Gattista”, is even less talkative than his father and tries to go unnoticed, but his work grooming the slopes does the talking for him – every day. Andrea and the snow-grooming team make sure that even the most demanding skiers can enjoy the best groomed slopes this side of the Alps.

The joy you can read in my eyes when I see a smooth, well-groomed slope says more than any words could express.

The Snowcat Driver

The Palù Boys