Relaxation and Entertainment in the Mountains

Walks, Music And Other Activities in Nature

There are a host of events organized in the summer months if you want to try something different to a traditional walk or bike ride. A unique experience is a dive in Lake Palù to see the Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abyss).

There are also a number of concerts for fans of music. The programme is simple: Mini concerts take place at dawn on the shores of Lago Palù, with each one featuring different performers, from a women’s choir to harpists, so that the sounds of nature blend with the music of maestros.

Are you fascinated by mineralogy? There are both defunct and current mines and quarries that can be visited around the valley. They range from the ancient lavécc stone quarries, which are still operational and where you can buy exquisite hand-crafted stone pots, to the Bagnada talc mines in Lanzada, which are no longer worked but can be visited by prior booking. There you can retrace the steps of the miners through caves and tunnels.

For fishing enthusiasts, there are lots of spots along the Mallero river where you can try your hand and have fun with the kids, A stand-out attraction is the trout farm in San Giuseppe, which offers easy fishing for the whole family. They also sell delicious smoked fillets or trota in carpione (trout marinated in vinegar with seasonings).

And if you are in need of some genuine relaxation, the historic hamlet of Barchi offers a great base to explore the slopes by car in the summer. Two or four-person apartments can be booked in one of our newly renovated baita mountain houses. Barchi offers two dining venues that offer local fare for lunch or dinner: Rifugio La Gusa and Rifugio Barchi.

Valmalenco is synonymous with clean air, unspoilt nature, fun and excitement! Valmalenco Bernina Ski Resort looks forward to welcoming you in spring and summer too! The resort features over 50 kilometres of trails in the Alpe Palù area and is renowned for the quality of its skiing and alpine scenery, but we also offer so much more. There are a host of packages, offers, services and technology available for nature lovers, from downhill MTB, walking, trekking to opportunities for relaxation in the mountains. To name a few: There is a Bike Park, wellness activities, and trails and walks for rejuvenating strolls through the woods.
There is something for everyone, from newbies to experienced mountaineers seeking a greater challenge, such as the trek to the Rifugio Marco Rosa at 3,600 m alt., which is the base for the climb to the summit of Bernina.
Summer also means lots and lots of music, events, outdoor activities, refuges and mountain pastures where you enjoy a delicious traditional local meal. So, what are you waiting for? Take time out and treat yourself to a mountain of fun and wellbeing in the sunny summer landscapes of Valmalenco and Valtellina!


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